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John August: A journey through autism

Birthday time

Planning a birthday party for John is tricky, especially the cake part. He’s not a fan of cake, ice cream is iffy, and pie is right out. But he does like cookies. Last year we tried a chocolate chip cookie cake but it didn’t go over well. This year we decided to try a tray of cookies with four different varieties. I still wanted to make sure he had the birthday candle experience, so I set up candles on top of the tray of cookies. It took a few tries to blow out that many candles, but he did it!

birthday cake


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This entry was posted on May 24, 2017 by in family and tagged , , , , , , , .

♥ Instagram ♥

After all the excitement with the 5k, John had his birthday party. He was calm and mellow, going between the people and the trampoline. His candle blowing out technique needs some work, but his gift unwrapping skills are on point.
John had his first run today. It was a 5k, and he was riding in a My Team Triumph cart. With all the noise, people, and energy before the race, we had a hard time getting him out of the car. Walking up to the staging area was tough. John did not want to be there, and it was difficult with the loud music and mass of people. But he did great and was fine once the crowd spread out. Afterwards he was fine and walked back to the car without a problem. And there was no lasting effects from the stress of the event like we have experienced in the past. We are very proud of him today! #autism #SpectrumJourney #nonverbal #MyTeamTriumph #5k #GreenBayCellcom
Planted some tulips tonight. #gardening #tulips #flowers #orange #gettingmyhandsdirty
John loves to trampoline and spent a long time outside tonight bouncing. If you go to his page there is a cute video of him bouncing. #SpectrumJourney #autism #nonverbal #trampoline
Roxy has it so tough. #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog #rufflife #naptime
For anyone who likes fairies, elves, dragons, stones or polymer creations, you need to check out Daydream Creations - https://www.facebook.com/JennysDaydreamCreations/ . I love my new stone necklace! 😍
Trampoline and ropes were a favorite for the weekend. #autism #SpectrumJourney #nonverbal #trampoline

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