Spectrum Journey

John August: A journey through autism

Birthday time

Planning a birthday party for John is tricky, especially the cake part. He’s not a fan of cake, ice cream is iffy, and pie is right out. But he does like cookies. Last year we tried a chocolate chip cookie cake but it didn’t go over well. This year we decided to try a tray of cookies with four different varieties. I still wanted to make sure he had the birthday candle experience, so I set up candles on top of the tray of cookies. It took a few tries to blow out that many candles, but he did it!

birthday cake


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The #crochet #moodblanket after one year. I work on it when the mood strikes, and I don't usually crochet in summer. I got about six rows done at Boy Scout camp this year. #crochersofinstagram Prompt 4 - inspired by lyrics 
#margluebookparty18 #collage #gluebook #fancypantsartists #artjournaling #artparty 
@the.butterfly.artist @breathing_oxygen @soullessmachine Prompt 3 - change 
#margluebookparty18 #collage #gluebook #fancypantsartists #artjournaling #artparty 
@the.butterfly.artist @soullessmachine @breathing_oxygen Prompt 2 - muddy
#margluebookparty18 #gluebook #fancypantsartists #artjournaling #collage #artparty 
@the.butterfly.artist @breathing_oxygen @soullessmachine Prompt 1 - what Spring feels like 
#margluebookparty18 #collage #gluebook #fancypantsartists #artjournaling
@the.butterfly.artist @breathing_oxygen @soullessmachine Working on the #crochet #moodblanket. Scrappy is such a wonderful helper. 
#crochersofinstagram #catsofinstagram #catlover #tabbycat Even though John seems a little under the weather yet, he was happy and full of giggles today. That's very exciting considering today is Sunday!
#autism #SpectrumJourney #nonverbal

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